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CBRN Medical Symposium 2023
28-30 Jun 2023

“CBRN Medical – Prepare & Respond – The Time is NOW”

After the success of the virtual CBRN Medical Symposium in May 2022, the want for an in-person event has been wildly anticipated. Oak Ridge has a strong affinity within the CBRN area, with a historical, current and future pedigree.

Oak Ridge known as ‘The Secret City’ was home to the Manhattan Project, helping to bring an end to WWII has developed into a world leading arena, being home to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the world’s premier research institution.

The NATO CBRN Medical Training Panel has teamed up with Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education and the Radiation Emergency Assistance Centre/Training Site, to host the Inaugural NATO Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Medical Symposium. This environment will bring world leading speakers, Subject Matter Experts and Industry together to learn in a collaborative environment.

Event Location: Pollard Technology Conference Centre, 210 Badger Ave, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

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